M-Files for Compliance

Picture of pills Compliance can mean many things depending on where you work, what you do or which industry you are in. But, whatever your particular circumstances, M-Files can help you. If you are in a heavily regulated industry then you will appreciate what the M-Files Compliance Toolkit brings to the party.

M-Files compliance toolkit compares very favourably against other dedicated compliance suites at a far better price while giving you all the other benefits of the standard edition. SOP management, training, CAPA & NCR, reporting, electronic signing and comprehensive audit trails feature in the compliance edition giving you all the tools you need to manage your system and processes from beginning to end.

Everyone should have access to the latest policies & procedures

Is GDPR a consideration?

With this regulation coming into force this year it is going to impact on every organisation with heavy penalties for non-compliance. At the most basic level M-Files will allow you properly to organise your documentation and ensure that the current version of procedures is visible to all that need access. For more sophisticated requirements you should consider the GDPR solution template and the Compliance kit.

Are you in a regulated industry?

If you are, you will know that traceability and transparency are extremely important. Everyone should have access to the correct policies and procedures and be confident they are current. You will know the amount and effort that ensuring compliance can entail.

Those who track their CAPA and non-conformities using a spreadsheet are doing it the hard way. Use M-Files Compliance and you will reduce regulatory risk, be able to automate many of your processes and will ensure that SOPs are up to date and training done where necessary. All of which is fully audited to demonstrate compliance.

Do you have ISO9000 certification?

ISO9000 and related quality standards can cover a broad range of cases: some may apply to a single department or process while others have the standards woven into the DNA of the organisation. Those who have a simple requirement will probably find the M-Files Standard edition is sufficient, maybe with a few additional modules, whereas those with significant requirements would benefit from the Compliance edition.

Latest changes to ISO 9001

Quality Management looks set to be an ever more integral part of mainstream business activity with the latest revisions to the ISO 9001 standard. Read our article which was published in the June edition of Document Management magazine.