Meet your challenges with world-class Information Management

  • Are your network folders no longer satisfactory for managing important documentation?
  • Is critical information distributed over multiple repositories causing disjointed operation and data sprawl?
  • Is compliance, including GDPR, having a higher relevance and visibility for you, and affecting your strategic thinking?

If none of the above apply to you then stop reading now

For everyone else consider M-Files

M-Files brings order to your documentation ending duplication, version inconsistencies, security anomalies and vague business processes. It delivers answers to all these issues in a simple to use package that can be delivered in days.

The M-Files Intelligent Metadata Layer (IML) allows you to manage all your data through one consistent interface without the need to migrate from legacy or disparate systems. Gain a complete picture rather than hopping between islands of information.

For some organisations compliance represents a higher priority than others, and will dictate the extent that your organisation complies with regulation such as GDPR. Even with the core M-Files software you can enforce processes and demonstrate them with audit trails. Beyond that many would benefit from the Compliance kit that encompasses electronic signatures, advanced workflows, PDF processor and more. GDPR will concentrate many minds so M-Files offers a GDPR solution template to help navigate the regulation.

The Perfect Partner

Like a perfect partner M-Files works with you every day to give you access to your information. From day one you can see how easy it is to live with and use. See how quickly it is adopted with little or no training – avoiding one of the major reasons for systems failure which is that of poor user acceptance. Not with M-Files!

Don't confuse the ease of use with a lightweight system because it is not - M-Files is an accomplished, highly rated Enterprise Content Management system. Major independent research organisations like Gartner and Forrester place M-Files right up there with the best. It has achieved this position through a combination of technical excellence and clever design.

Don't confuse the ease of use with a lightweight system

Why Look at M-Files?

Why look at M-Files? Because it can resolve a paradox - people are resistant to change but organisations that don't change and evolve will die. M-Files makes the change as painless as can be - people see the immediate benefits and the organisation profits hugely by increases in quality and productivity. Try it and see as thousands have done before.

Of course you will ask about the cost. Sure, we are not giving the system away but we know that M-Files will pay for itself within the first year - generally even sooner. Compare even absolute prices against any half-way competitive software and you will be pleasantly surprised. Quantifiable saving aside, M-Files makes your day less frustrating as you will be able to lay your hands on the correct file quickly wherever you are.

Intelligent Metadata Layer

Offers additional capabilities to M-Files 2018 in two broad areas namely Intelligent Services and External Connections

  • Intelligent Services can classify automatically using AI algorithms and match with existing data to speed up the acquisition of new material with the most relevant metadata. Over time additional components can be brought to bear further enhancing these capabilities.
  • The External Connecter allows multi-repository connections to existing and legacy systems with a unified User experience. In practical terms you can see all your content in network folders, SharePoint and many others all through the M-Files interface without migrating any of the external data.

The possibilities are truly a step change in content management, offering you the opportunity to unlock the value of existing information and maximise the investment in existing systems to drive innovation and improved business performance.

You'll be in Good Company!

If you try M-Files then you will be in good company. Small organisations can project themselves better and large organisations can collaborate more effectively and improve productivity. Download a trial copy today or book a demo to see why thousands use M-Files daily.