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Content and Process Management

Structured systems ensure that information is stored in an organised fashion. It is frequently the case that the processes and controls in these systems is generally well understood and controlled. This is generally not the case for free form content such as documents which are often disconnected from the structured data to which they relate. Worse still there is a high likelihood of duplicate and inconsistent versions which are stored in network folders, email attachments or informal sharing sites like DropBox.

The answer is to employ a content and document management system that can offer one version of the truth. It can link across to structured systems to utilise the metadata to enrich the users experience and visibility of the bigger picture.

Having this content effectively managed allows you to employ workflows to drive business processes which improve quality and compliance. You can track your Personally Identifiable Information to ensure you meet the requirements of GDPR or indeed any regulation required in your organisation. You also can distribute or publish selected content intelligently and utilise electronic signing should you wish.

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